Cucina Romana Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Cucina Romana Extra Virgin Olive Oil packaging is both dynamic and fresh—a reference to both its bold flavor and to the Italian Futurism design movement it draws inspiration from.
WINNER: Graphis New Talent
Sacha Premium Organic Cocoa
Produced by Kallari Community Co-Op of Ecuador, this product packaging was developed for their specialty line of cocoa products predominantly marketed in Europe. It's designed to look clean and modern, but still preserve the Co-op's rustic heritage. 
Rasputin's Privy Parts Amplifying Balm
Rasputin's Privy Parts Amplifying Balm packaging is a parody of today's marketing for erectile dysfunction pharmaceuticals and the attempt at being nuanced and clever.
Rebellion Artisanal Malt & Grain whiskey
Rebellion Malt & Grain whiskey pays homage to the early American farmers of Western Pennsylvania made famous for spurring the historical Whiskey Rebellion of 1794.
Halfmoon Valley Brewers Co-Op
Halfmoon Valley Brewers Co-Op features a band of independent brewers who pool resources and share equipment. Each beer showcases a unique recipe created by an individual brewer. As such, each label features a unique character who embodies the essence its creator's vision.
Soaptopia Dog Grooming Supply Co.
In the real world, dogs are messy. In Soaptopia, dogs are spotless. This high-end product line features everything you need to keep your dog spic and span.
The Flying Scazzini Sisters Vintner
The Flying Scazzini Sisters channels the best of the circus and pulls it together across six bottles of wine, as well as packaging for a three perfectly paired twin packs.
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